Inspiring Women // The Founders of CAP Beauty

Inspiring Women // The Founders of CAP Beauty

I am thrilled to introduce you two of my favorite women in the holistic beauty scene today! Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima are the owners of CAP Beauty, a natural beauty boutique in the West Village of Manhattan. Kerrilynn and Cindy have been friends for twenty years and are on a mission to merge the worlds of wellness and design, something I can totally get behind.

I came across CAP when they first opened and have been a huge fan ever since. Since making the switch years ago to natural beauty and body products I was over the moon when they opened their doors. Kerrilynn and Cindy are incredible curators and are making natural beauty accessible, cool and doing it all with such great taste. CAP has been such a big part of my life and I was so honored when they agreed to be part of this series.

In this inspiring interview Kerrilynn and Cindy share how they moved through some of their biggest challenges, the importance of trusting your intuition, and the why developing daily self-care rituals is a must. Kerrilynn and Cindy are full of experience and wisdom to share for conscious entrepreneurs and are a shining example of what it means to run a meaningful business with heart, soul, and tons of love.


Inspiring Women // The Founders of CAP Beauty

How to you stay true to yourself?

KL: I am most in tune with myself when I’m sweating everyday and stopping for moments of reflection. It’s so easy to keep pushing and moving towards the finish line but I’ve realized that when I take the time to appreciate all the beauty and all that is happening I’m the best version of myself. Easier said than done, though.

CD: Honestly, I feel most like myself when I’m practicing yoga consistently. My body feels right, my heart is open and I’m just more at ease.

Do you make time for meditation and/or reflection? What are your go-to practices?

KL: Recently Cindy and I studied with Bob Roth of the David Lynch Foundation. I feel really blessed to have learned from him (he’s amazing!), and implementing this twice a day practice has proved to be invaluable. I’ve done Kundalini for years and love the quick shift I feel from just a 3 minute Kriya but the two times a day practice of TM feels just right to me. Consistency is something that I’ve realized is fundamental to me feeling my best. I’ll also work in my Kriyas and feel like I’m just adding to my wellness toolbox (a tip I learned from Lacy of Free & Native!) of feeling good.

CD: Meditation is a pretty new practice for me. I was never consistent with it until recently. A customer of ours, Natane Boudreau, introduced us to her incredible teacher, Bob Roth of the David Lynch Foundation. Learning TM has changed everything for me. It’s so simple and so efficient. I do 20 minutes twice a day and have already felt an incredible shift in my energy and focus. I don’t think I’ll ever go without it.

Inspiring Women // The Founders of CAP Beauty

How do you stay grounded in the hustle and bustle of NYC?

KL: I don’t know if I have the best answer to this question. I can feel pretty overwhelmed in a place like NYC but also have a deep love for this place I call home. I live a stones throw from the park so make it a non negotiable to get there with my dog and husband as often as possible. If they can’t come with me, I head there on my own. I truly need nature around me and when I don’t have it, I feel the city pretty intensely.

CD: New York is an insane place to live but at the same time I find there’s a warmth among those of us crazy enough to live here. I think it’s a matter of shifting your perspective, creating a small town out of a big one and finding your niche. I’m lucky to be able to walk to work and lucky to live near the best Greenmarket in the city. We know our farmers, our local business owners and the street vendors near our home. And of course it’s important to leave the city too, to spend time in nature and really recharge.

What is the philosophy behind how take care of yourself?

KL: Be kind to myself, check my thoughts often and clean them up when needed. Move my body, exercise my brain and throw in some good loving with my husband.

CD: I like to focus on adding good habits and focus less on the struggle to give something up. Kerrilynn and I call it “crowding out.” When you commit to positive actions, the less healthful ones will fall away.

What do your self-care practices at work look like?

KL: I try to have all my practices have some element of self-care. We consciously created a company to share the this knowledge with as many as possible because we ourselves had experienced the power of this intention. At work this looks like palo santo burning, matcha brewing, mantras playing and the best, healthiest snacks being eaten. Might sound insane to some but to me it’s heaven!

CD: I work at CAP! When I was a stylist this would have been a LOT tougher to answer. It’s revelatory to work for a company where self care is the mission and to have a business partner  and co-workers who share this priority. Eating well is vital. I like to follow a light to heavy style of eating so lunch is usually something simple like a big salad with tahini or a raw soup or smoothie from Gingersnaps. Of course we get hungry and so we stock the office with fruits and vegetables, ZenBunni and Freaky Health Co chocolate, raw crackers from Moon Juice and of course our Matcha tonics.

We schedule our workouts and meditations in the calendar. This is so so helpful. There will always be times when an important meeting trumps yoga, but if it’s in the calendar, I know it has to get moved to another slot.

We also hold group Kundalini sessions in the office. Like a quick Sat Kriya to recharge everyone. Kerrilynn leads and even Beba, her chihuahua joins in!

Inspiring Women // The Founders of CAP Beauty

How do you strengthen your intuition?

KL: This is something I work on daily. I’m a very sensitive person and feel things deeply. I have learned to tap into feelings that are happening in my body. I think as women we are so often taught to ignore these feelings or push them to the side but I’m very focused on listening to the intelligence of my body. I’m always trying to learn the language of what my intuition is telling me.

CD: I had a coach for many years who taught me to simply start recognizing my intuitive hits as they happen. Even with simple things like realizing you were thinking of a friend moments before she calls you. When you become aware of how in tune you really are it’s easier to trust yourself.

Share some words of wisdom for women entrepreneurs.

KL: Find people you trust and admire and spend lots of time with them. Exercise often and have some really good playlists on repeat. Always refer back to why you started and stay true to your mission. Always focus on the why.

CD: Surround yourselves with people you love, trust and admire, and get clear about your mission. One of the first things Kerrilynn and I did when we created CAP Beauty is write a Manifesto. It’s still our North Star.

And push it. Moderation is overrated and the world doesn’t need more “good enough.”

Your current playlist.

KL: Sat Narayan, Kisser by Usher, Going to California by Led Zeppelin.

 CD: I just listened to one of my old favorite albums Pavement’s Wowee Zowie. It sounded so great.

Inspiring Women // The Founders of CAP Beauty

Share three books on your nightstand.

KL: City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg

Contagious Culture by Anese Cavanaugh

Inner Work by Robert Johnson


CD: The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Holy Terror, Bob Colacello’s bio of Andy Warhol

The Bondi Harvest Cookbook by Guy Turland

Best advice you have ever taken.

KL: “Tomorrow is a new day” from my Dad.

CD: “Don’t worry about the future. It will never happen.” (Dechen Thurman said that during one of his great classes at Jivamukti.)

Name one of your biggest challenges and how you moved through it.

KL: My husband and I were having some challenges after being together for close to 20 years. Learning to be completely honest with each other allowed us to come out better on the other side. By embracing vulnerability I moved through that time with a power I never knew I had.

CD: Losing my mom at a young age. I was 21, she was 49. I’m still moving through it, but at the same time I don’t  relate to the idea of “missing” her because I don’t feel like. i still feel like she’s gone. And really, she’s not. I honor her now by trying to be that good a mom to my own kids.

Inspiring Women // The Founders of CAP Beauty

Current CAP beauty must-haves.

KL: May Lindstrom’s The Honey Mud, Romy Northover x CAP Smoothie Glass, Dr. Alkaitis Ageless Elixir, Moon Juice Green Crisps, Fiore Treate Cleanser, Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex, W3LL PEOPLE Universalist in Creamy Peony.

CD: Romy Northover 24K Matcha Pots , Strange Invisible’s Virgo perfume, Kahina Giving Beauty’s Prickly Pear Oil, infused Palo Santo sticks from Morphologically, Quinton Hypertonic marine plasma shots.

What are you most grateful for?

KL: My life and my health. And Beba, my sato from Puerto Rico.

CD: My family. The one I come from, the one I’m raising and the family that surrounds me at CAP Beauty.







Releasing Relationships

Releasing Relationships by Ashley Neese

Releasing my relationship with Jason last fall was such a huge leap of faith. While I don’t feel that he was the one that made me feel small, our dynamic left both of us feeling like we needed space to stretch and grow. Our combined energies made us both feel small. All these months later we are expanding and reaching beyond what we could create together and that feels really powerful.

Since committing to taking better care of my energy in relationships I’ve observed how much they are changing and that there are levels to letting go of people that cannot meet you where you are. It’s also becoming clear that some people are not meant to be forever relationships on the physical plane. There is a natural ebb and flow that keeps things dynamic and interesting. I am learning to enjoy the coming together and releasing as part of a bigger practice in being present and grounded in the constant change we inhabit.

Over the last six months much has surfaced in some of my close and distant relationships around jealousy, fear and feeling like my growth is accelerating at such a quick pace that there are certain people that simply cannot meet me in this new place. And the truth is, it isn’t a race. We’re all on our own path and some of us are meant to flow together for lifetimes and others a short distance. I just keep swimming out into the middle of the ocean and I am not really looking back to see who is there and who isn’t. My eyes are focused on the greater vision of my purpose. These days I am most interested in noticing who is right next to me, swimming along, one breath at a time towards the dreams we are manifesting with every stroke.

I recently had a friend tell me she was jealous of something that I did. This is not the first time this has happened in my life or this year. My life is getting so big and it’s challenging for some people to come to terms with because they have to look at the places in their lives that still feel small. Jealousy is something I have had to face time and time again and it’s always interesting to look at where I stand with it in certain moments and how much has shifted around it over the years. One thing I do know for sure is if I am feeling jealous chances are there are areas in my life where I need to take up more space or get that project off the ground I’ve been sitting on. It’s very much tied to my creativity and once I express that energy in some way it moves.

While I am grateful for the honesty and vulnerability in my relationships it still doesn’t mean that I need to hang onto every one of them. I’m at a point in my life where I am recognizing how limited my time is in many ways and I want to spend it with people who bring me alive. By releasing the relationships that feel like an energetic drain I am creating space to connect with the people who are in my life that light me up. My friend Erica always says, if they can’t ride with you it’s time to let them go. My vision has never been this clear and I am committed to disengage from anyone or anything that doesn’t help me grow, expand, and love myself in a deeper way. Also, fun, if there is no fun involved it’s got to go!

When you’re super sensitive releasing relationships and coming to terms with the sadness and grief that accompanies those changes can feel very intense at times. I’ve been pretty invested in other people’s feelings most of my life and have made myself energetically tiny as to not upset anyone. Since separating from Jason I am committed to taking up more space in all of my relationships and it’s been challenging me in new ways. It’s humbling how much work I have to do in this area, but I am mostly grateful to be in close relationships with people that love me and are fully supporting my expansion.

Releasing relationships that don’t encourage aliveness has created space for new friends and heightened my creativity. I’ve been taking a storytelling class for the last six weeks and am working on sharing my work in public on the stage. It’s so huge for me and feels in many ways like the next evolution of my writing practice. I have dreams of writing a one woman show, after the book is out of course ;)

I could go on and on about the significance of letting go and share a list of steps to take to release a relationship but I’m most invested in all of us looking deeply within our own hearts for the answers we seek. When in doubt, pause and listen. When you’re ready to step away from a relationship you will and if it feels like you cannot do it on your own, reach out for help. Relationships are living, breathing energy connections and they are always shifting.  It’s important to ask yourself if your relationships are changing in the direction you are heading in or if they are keeping you from reaching your fullest potential.

The older I get the more I feel the preciousness of life. We are meant to be joyful and we are meant to be full of life. Relationships that don’t nourish our spirits are meant to be catalysts to propel us toward a bigger vision for ourselves.

Take a risk.
Let something go.
See how big your life can become.
Share your truth.
Pray to the animals.
Trust your gut.

All my heart.






Inspiring Women // Jessica Lee

Inspiring Women // Jessica Lee

I am over the moon to share my most recent interview with the incredibly talented Jessica Lee. I was introduced to her textile and clothing label, Willow Knows several years ago and we quickly developed a long distance admiration club. We started our businesses around the same time and she has been a huge creative inspiration for me ever since. On those days when everything felt hard or even impossible I took refuge in her beautiful photos and creative process. I am grateful Jessica is out there taking risks in her life and practice.

Jessica’s textile design explores the intersection between our inner and outer worlds. She is fascinated by the way energy moves and creates custom pieces that embrace the beauty of imperfection. In our interview Jessica shares how she navigates her self care, what it looks like to follow your intuition and the deep love that comes from learning to hold space for your own heart.

Inspiring Women // Jessica Lee

How do you stay true to yourself?
Following intuition, fulfilling creative ideas, allowing for comfort in vulnerability & power in honesty, slowing down.

What motivates you to create?
I am passionate about art and design and truly believe it has the power to shift individuals and the world for the better. It is a form of communication & encourages connection. As living beings contributing to life on this earth, I believe it is our responsibility to participate in healthy forms of conversation and connection in order to move forward.

Creativity allows us to dig below the surface, something a lot of us are scared to do. When we do we are able to be vulnerable with ourselves and with those around us, and I believe that creates beautiful shifts. Visual art is a means to translate and receive ideas about the world without having to use words, which is a powerful opportunity.

Inspiring Women // Jessica Lee
Have you ever struggled with self care in your life? How did you navigate that?
Of course. In Ayurvedic terms I am considered a Vata constitution. One of my teachers has a term “vata deranged” that I can easily relate to if I am not mindful of what I am eating, drinking, doing with my mind and body. With that said, I have also found that the more I force sticking to a strict diet or deprive myself from things my body is asking for, the more I actually feel imbalanced.

If I am in tune with myself,  practicing yoga, sleeping enough, and living mindfully – my body asks for the right things and I am able to listen to that knowing it is exactly what I need. When I am craving things that are not healthy for me (this could be food or more emotional) I try to take a step back and figure out the root of the cause. It has been valuable to learn through Ayurveda that our bodies (mind, spirit, physical) want to live within the rhythms of nature, and nature is in a constant state of change. I am in love with the ebb and flow of it all.

Also, running a small business and supporting yourself off of that is not easy work. I am “working” a lot. I used to guilt myself for not giving attention to my art and business during practically all waking hours. This dedication has allowed me to fulfill a lot of dreams but is also a constant balancing act for me. It is not a simple thing to clock in and out of creative work, so allowing myself time in the mornings, afternoons, and weekends to have creative time that is separate from my “job”  leaves me feeling more inspired and productive in the end. It has become very important for me to be able to create work that I do not need an immediate response from, or does not need to be shared with the world right away.

What does your spirit need to feel nourished?
Valuable time with those that inspire me to be my best self, silent conversations with nature, the ocean, meditation, space to find humility, space to dream, clean mind & body, early mornings, my love by my side.

Inspiring Women // Jessica Lee
Share some words of wisdom for women entrepreneurs.
As soon as you feel the pull to do something creative, start making/doing anything right away, even if it does not feel like your ultimate end goal. Don’t let your ego get in the way of creating something. When I first started willow knows I was dying pieces of clothing that I would find in thrift stores and selling them on Etsy.

Honestly, most of what I was doing those days was hideous. There was part of me that knew that and also part of me that knew I was pushing through a barrier. That is called intuition. By starting small and continuing to learn the craft and nurture my own personal aesthetic – I’ve continued to be led to where I am today.

Any small act of creativity will open your heart and hopefully lead you closer to your calling. (whether that is being a creative or not.)  Also, surround yourself with women you look up to. Let go of people that are bringing you down emotionally or energetically, that was an extremely important lesson for me in my 20s. Find women who are doing things that you are interested in and reach out. You always hear that having a strong circle of like minded people around you is key and I really can’t express how true that has been for me.

Your current playlist.
We have a really amazing local public radio station where I live and every Sunday morning they have a Sunday Morning Bluegrass show, I look forward to it every week. They play new & old bluegrass made in and around the Virginia, North Carolina, & Tennessee area. It connects me to these areas of the country where I never thought I would, but turns out I am building my life.

My general spirit lifting sounds come from artists like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell. My mom has the most incredible taste in music and the artists that she loves and that we grew up listening to always bring me back to feeling home.

Inspiring Women // Jessica Lee

Inspiring Women // Jessica Lee
Share three books on your nightstand.
H is for Hawk – Helen Macdonald
Animal Vegetable Miracle – Barbara Kingsolver
And I always have Thich Nhat Hanh by my bed.

How do you strengthen your intuition?
By continuing to listen to the wisdom that rests in my heart. The more I honor and listen to what I intuitively know to be true, the stronger and more clear I feel. Also by continuing to learn to be my own best friend. When I love and respect myself, I want to listen to what I have to say.

Sister wisdom.
Love & support one another in every possible way. We are truly all in this together, and everything and every one of us is connected to everything else. Do not compete, competition is ego driven and your ego does not have your best interest at heart. History has proven that women are capable of incredible things when we join together with strength & love for each other.

Inspiring Women // Jessica Lee
Share a favorite quote or piece of wisdom you love.
The lyric “When all the broken hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer – let it be,”  has always stuck with me. We are all here living this life with the deep rooted need to love and be loved. Hearts break and our greatest challenge is understanding the ways to put them back together. When we struggle with that, walls are built and hearts become hardened. When we live with a shell around our hearts – anger, hatred, and ego wins. Imagine if many of our world’s leaders were living life with an open and vulnerable heart. It always comes back to the heart. We have to be comfortable talking about it in order to heal it. Only then will we know peace.

Tell us one thing you haven’t done yet that you really want to do.

What are you most grateful for?
Each new day.


Photos by Meredith Coe


Fire Walk

Walk on Fire by Ashley Neese

On the first day of this year I participated in a fire walk. I realize how strange that might sound but after the wild 2015 I had, a fire walk totally made sense. I was beyond ready to give the fire all of the heartache, pain, limiting beliefs and sadness I had been working through for what felt like forever.

2015 was one for the books. It was such a foundation shaking year on every level imaginable. If you told me this time last year everything that went down would happen, I would have been fine moving to a cabin in the woods and never speaking to anyone again. It was so much to move through and I’m not one of those people that believes, if you couldn’t handle it the universe wouldn’t be giving it to you. I’m calling bullshit on that right now! Sometimes life is incredibly hard and it has nothing to do with you being able to handle it or not. What it does have to do with is your willingness to open into it, fumble your way through it, and tell the truth when you’re in the darkness.

A week before the fire walk I moved out of the home Jason and I created. I spent several days crying on the couch giving myself full permission to just be and feel. I leaned into every wretched emotion that surfaced and by the grace of spirit was able to crack open completely.

Making a decision to let go of a relationship that wasn’t totally messed up was something new for me. In my past partnerships it was glaringly obvious we were in two completely different places which made the breakups a no-brainer. With Jason it was unclear for a long time because on paper we had it all. We were the golden couple the first few months we spent together. At some point things shifted so much that we couldn’t find our way back to the center. We were just two people, holding onto our expectations and disappointments, until we finally made the most loving decision we could make, to let each other go.

I decided to walk on fire in late October of last year. After hearing how powerful it was for some of my friends I knew it was something I needed to do. It called to my very core, and once that decision was made I thought about it almost everyday. I told my close friends and family and most of them thought I was a little nuts but everyone was supportive. They knew what a rough time I was having and they believed I knew what was best for me.

And I needed this fire walk desperately. I needed as much help as I could get to burn off the negative thought forms that ruled my life, especially the one about not being worthy of a partner that could fully see, feel, and love me. I also needed to transmute some of the darkest pain that my body was still hanging on to, the belief that I was totally unworthy of honest, raw, life changing love.

The weekend before the fire walk I wrote lists of what I was ready to ask the fire to help me shift. I was willing to give her everything and trusted that she could handle it and help show me the way. There are no accidents. It was divine order that two weeks after moving out from our house I found myself at the edge of those bright, hot coals, breathing deeply, knowing even before I took one step my life would be forever changed.

And before I knew it I was howling at the moon, fixated on the north star, feeling the most intense energy flow up through the soles of my feet and out the top of my head. In a trance I jumped into my friend’s arms at the end of the coals and my entire body vibrated at a frequency no drug could ever touch. This was pure and wild, working with the fire element so directly. That night I felt a huge crack in the shame I carried for so many years and felt in the core of my being I was here to create a new version of my story.



Five months after this fire walk I am sitting in the proof of my friends words, nothing post fire walk is the same. My life has accelerated in such beautiful ways and I am more grounded and clear and sure of myself than I have ever been. I know what my gifts are, what I have to offer this world and the critical messages of my story –

transmuting pain into joy, loss into generosity, unworthiness into grace, and fear into the soul expanding love I’ve always known was possible.

I set some pretty hefty intentions after that fire walk at the first of the year and everything on my list has come to pass. These days I’m presented with opportunity after opportunity to trust my intuition, to bet on myself instead of always betting on the house, and to say no to anything that isn’t a 100% hands down hell yes.

I’ve always known what I’ve needed and wanted in my life and been able to manifest anything. The piece that has been missing up until this year was healing the shame and unworthiness I’ve carried since I was born on an energetic and emotional level. I could talk about shame and unworthiness all day long but until I started really clearing it, everything I manifested wasn’t quite right. And because I wasn’t fully in my radiance and power, I went ahead with whatever was presented, not fully trusting myself or the universe.

Today I know that when something is not quite right I need to take a step back and let it go. When I look over my life I see how I have been guided, taken care of, loved and supported along the way. This is where I source my trust, my experiences. I also see that every time I have said no to anything that wasn’t quite right, a more ideal experience was just around the corner and full of even more magic.

As I take the time to look ahead at the rest of this year and feel into where I want to go, who I want to support and how I want to love, I can’t help but come back to the powerful night on those burning coals.

I am more than ready for the whole thing. I trust myself enough to release anything that isn’t the whole thing. And when the whole thing shows up I will step up into brighter light, grace, and joy because this is what I’ve been waiting for.

Sending you all so much love.



Dear Mother Earth


Good morning, good morning! Oh it feels good to be back writing here again. I took a little break to work on my book proposal and have been creating some special healing content for a major wellness brand. I cannot wait to share all of the details with you in the coming months.

It’s Earth Day and I want to share a new poem and some mother earth musings with you. Everyday is Earth Day as far as I am concerned. Cultivating a strong connection to the earth and nature is honestly the most important practice in my life right now. It’s the foundation for everything. If I’m not rooted in the earth and living in as much harmony as possible with everything around me, my life feels very limited and it’s easy to think I’m alone.

As some of you know this past year I have been deepening my relationship to Hawk medicine, specifically the Red Tail Hawks here in Los Angeles. I’ve learned so much about my purpose and spirit through these fierce and majestic creatures. They are helping me develop my psychic capabilities and teaching me in a very tangible way to trust my inner compass like I’ve never trusted it before. This is my work these days, to expand my capacity to have faith in myself. Each time a Hawk soars by I talk to her and am in awe of how she speaks to my heart.

I’ve been praying for years. It has changed my life in too many ways to count and helped me navigate the darkest moments of my life. My morning prayers are always about enlarging my spiritual practice. They begin with asking the universe how I can open my heart to receive more love and guidance from nature. The universe loves honest questions from sentient beings. The beauty of asking questions in my morning prayers is that I never need to have any answers, the practice is in forming a question that points toward the light. The work throughout the day becomes slowing down and being available for the answers to flow in. And they always do in the most divine manner.

There are many ways we can celebrate the earth in our everyday lives that nourishes our spirit in meaningful ways. Pay attention to her. Talk to her. Honor her. Plant a garden. Sleep under the stars. Pick up trash in the park, even if it isn’t yours. Drive less. Eat local. Consume mindfully. The earth is really our first mother that loves us all equally and unconditionally. We are all her children no matter how our parents raised us, no matter what the did or didn’t give us, the earth is here for us all and has nothing but our best intentions at heart.

People often ask me how to make their dreams come true. If you want to create anything, become a devoted student of mother earth. Worship her in all ways and she will provide you with an endless stream of energy and universal love. It’s really that simple. As sentient beings we have a limited amount of energy and power. Awakening to the strong connection you already have with mother earth gives you access to an unlimited flow of energy and is the ultimate reminder than we’re never doing anything alone. We are always, always, connected.

Dear Mother Earth,
On this morning may I be graceful,
may I walk lightly on your surface, taking only what I need.

Dear Mother Earth,
On this morning may I be joyful,
may I dance with the butterflies, transforming any sadness into laughter that will help someone else’s heart.

Dear Mother Earth,
On this morning may I be grateful,
may I praise the wise trees on my windy street, feeling their truth in every inch of my body.

Dear Mother Earth,
On this morning may I be mindful,
may I consider you in all of my actions and thoughts, living in harmony, honoring your spirit.

Dear Mother Earth,
On this morning may I be radiant,
may the light in my eyes lift up every spirit I pass as the Hawk screams overhead, delighted that I am finally living our purpose.

All my heart.

Photos by Lani Trock