Rose Chamomile Face Scrub

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I love the smell of roses. Fresh, dried, in toners, in my bath. Roses are the queen flowers of heart opening and vibrational expansion. There are so many ways to incorporate rose medicine into our lives and today I am sharing one of my go-to scrubs that highlights this majestic flower.

As some of you know I went through a rough period of acne in my life a few years ago. To be honest there are still times when I get a pimple and I have this deep reaction like oh shit, my skin is going to freak out again! After years of taking herbs to balance my cycle, practicing breath work to soothe my nervous system and eating foods to nourish myself from the inside out, my skin has been very happy. Another big part of that has been creating my own simple beauty products and making sure I use roses as often as possible.

Rose Chamomile Face Scrub by Ashley Neese

Rose Chamomile Face Scrub by Ashley Neese

The scent of the rose takes me back to my childhood. My Grandmother grew a variety of roses on her porch and when the flowers died she saved the petals and kept them in silver jars all over the house. Every room smelled of roses year round. I loved watching her tend to them in her little garden during the afternoons. I found myself taking little handfuls of the dried petals and inhaling their fragrance. It always made me feel like royalty to have access to these incredible flowers year round.

Making roses part of our everyday experience can be as simple as placing a drop of rose essential oil on your wrist and breathing it in. I often add a drop to my face oil in the evenings as a way to prepare myself for sleep. Roses are cooling in nature and very healing for our emotional body.

Rose Chamomile Face Scrub by Ashley Neese

Rose Chamomile Face Scrub by Ashley Neese

To make this scrub you just need a few basic ingredients. Often times you can find dried chamomile and roses in the bulk sections of your local organic market and they shouldn’t be expensive. I’ve also linked to sources in the recipe below. Chamomile is often used in beauty products because like rose it is anti inflammatory, cooling, and very gentle on the skin. Honey and oats have a very long history of being used to soothe the skin, cleanse pores and gently exfoliate sensitive faces. If you’re looking for a good face mask, try my Avocado Honey Mask, it uses oats as well.

The recipe calls for an oil as the base. My preferred face oils are jojoba, rosehip seed and sesame and if my skin is super dry coconut oil. In our recipe I used rosehip seed because it is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids that work wonders to correct blemishes, reduce dark spots, and it is very hydrating. Be sure to purchase cold pressed oil as it retains nutrients and healing properties and use all organic products in the recipe. You can make a delicious tea or face steam with your left over flowers!

Rose Chamomile Face Scrub by Ashley Neese

Rose Chamomile Face Scrub

Ingredients //


Method //

Add the roses, chamomile and oats to a nut and seed grinder (a coffee grinder will work too) and pulse until ground fine. Pour into a small jar.

Warm the honey by placing the jar in a bowl of hot water. Let sit for a few minutes until the honey is easy to work with. Add honey and rosehip oil to the jar and stir to combine. Add a few drops of rose essential oil make this even more delicious.

When you’re ready to use the scrub wash your face with a mild cleanser and apply the scrub with a little bit of warm water. Make circles with your fingers and gently massage scrub all over face and neck. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry and finish with a spritz of rose water toner and your favorite face oil.
Store leftover scrub in the jar sealed with a lid. It will keep fresh for several weeks. This scrub is mild enough to use 3 times a week. It’s best to exfoliate skin every couple of days.


Do you have a favorite facial scrub recipe? What are your go-to ingredients?



Photos by Asami Zenri


My Morning Smudging Ritual

My Morning Smudging Ritual by Ashley Neese

I always love the feeling of mornings because they mark the beginning of a day. Each morning brings with it a feeling of hope for the hours to come, it’s like a clean slate where all possibilities are on the table. Each morning I flow through a sumdging ritual to clear my mind, body, spirit and home. This practice sets the foundation for my day and supports me to open up to the potential for creativity and growth in the coming hours.

Truth be told I don’t wake up every morning jumping out of bed with a giant smile on my face ready to give the world my all. However, that is starting to happen more and more because I am choosing it. Our day starts with the very first thought that surfaces in the morning. Making a practice out of paying attention to that thought is changing my life. Most mornings I course correct the negative thought right away by jumping into my daily meditation practice and smudging with sacred plants.

My Morning Smudging Ritual by Ashley Neese

Years ago when I started working with sacred plants to clear energy I wasn’t aware of their long history. Like many, white sage was the first plant I encountered for this purpose and was immediately drawn to the huge streams of smoke that came off of such small dried leaves. The smell permeated every part of my body and filled my mind with white space. Of course it smelled a little like weed too so that didn’t hurt! I never enjoyed smoking weed, but always really liked the smell.

I was gifted a small bundle of white sage from a friend who instructed me to burn it before meditation, anytime I needed to clear the energy in my home, or when I felt the need for a personal energetic cleansing. Shortly thereafter white sage became a part of my life and over the years I have developed a deep connection to this healing plant.

Since then I have incorporated other healing plants into my morning cleanse ritual and often use them with clients and when I teach classes. These days I am using mostly Palo Santo and sweetgrass. Palo Santo is a potent medicinal wood and sweetgrass symbolic of feminine energy and purification. All three of these mystical plants have been used for centuries to clear and ground energy and to support healing and spiritual development.

My Morning Smudging Ritual by Ashley Neese

Smudging is a very effective practice for changing the energy of a person or space. Smudging works with the Air element and has the ability to draw our awareness inward helping us stay grounded while keeping our hearts open. Anytime you smudge it is very important that you do so with awareness and intention, this activates the plant material and works to transform energy on deep levels.

Depending on how I am feeling on a particular morning or what I have planned for the day I will choose a cleansing plant that will best support me. If I have a big therapy session or major internal work to do I will start with white sage to get myself and home really clear and then burn sweetgrass at the end of my meditation practice to call in the feminine energy and help me stay connected to my heart. If I have many clients scheduled or meetings I will burn palo santo before my meditation practice to keep me focused and grounded.

To invite in more healing energy I find it very powerful to say blessings and prayers before, during and after my smudging session. This does not have to be fancy just pick a phrase or words that resonate for you and say them out loud as you work with the plant. It’s important to thank the plant as well, sending gratitude to nature helps is heal and stay connected to our essence.

When working with these plants take your time to cultivate your relationships to them. We live in such a fast world and plant medicine requires us to slow down and stay present. Each one of these plants can be used and studied for lifetimes, pace yourself and above all trust your intuition when deciding which plants you need to work with that day.

My Morning Smudging Ritual by Ashley Neese

Palo santo, or ‘holy wood’, is a magical tree that is native to South American coast that is part of the citrus family. Palo Santo smoke is part of my morning ritual because it reminds me that good things come with time. The Palo Santo wood that I burn is from the coast in South America. They are wild harvested from fallen trees and have blessed by multiple elders in the area.

The rich smell of the medicinal smoke helps to clear the mind and energy, allowing more space to connect and create. Palo Santo also uplifts the spirit and brings good luck. When we burn this sacred wood we tune into our energy and are reminded that so many people, places and spirits are supporting our journey. Palo Santo also raises our vibration so it’s great when you need a little kick start to your day.

Light one end of your Palo Santo stick using a candle or match. Let it burn for about a minute and then gently blow out the flame. Holding the stick in your hand walk around the space where you are clearing energy. When the purification is complete place the stick in a bowl or vessel that is fireproof. The ember will slowly fade by itself.


White sage (Salvia apiana) has been used by healers for ceremonial and medicinal purposes for ages. It has the ability to clear negative energy when burned. I begin many mornings burning a small piece of white sage. It helps me start the day fresh and with clear intentions

I use white sage that is native to the southwest region because this is what I have access to and grow. There are many varieties of sage and if you live in a different region I encourage you to explore what is native to your area.

You can smudge yourself, others, a space (home, office, apartment) or any other healing tools you have like crystals. The main thing is to smudge with intention and mindfulness. Holding a piece of sage, light the end with a match or lighter and let it burn well for a few seconds. You want the sage to burn slowly. Once you have a steady stream of smoke, gently wave your arm to allow the smoke to envelop you.

Other options are to fan the smoke with a feather or place the burning sage in a small fireproof dish on the floor and stand over it.

To clear a space go to each corner of every room and allow the smoke to trail up to the corner for a few seconds. Start with the room furthest from the front door to help the energy flow out. In each room follow that same logic of starting with the corner farthest away from the door. Repeat in each room as necessary. Feel into the energy of each room and notice when it changes. Some places will need more than one round of smudging.

Use your intuition here and smudge in a way that feels good to you.

Note, I only use sage bundles when clearing the energy of a large space. Learn more about how to harvest and work with white sage here.

My Morning Smudging Ritual by Ashley Neese

Sweetgrass is one of my favorite cleansing plants. It represents the Northern direction and in Native American culture and is considered the hair of Our Grandmother Earth. Typically sweetgrass is braided and each section of the braid represents the mind, body and spirit. The braid is also symbolic of our community strength, we really are better together.

Like the name, sweetgrass has a mild sweet smell that is feminine in nature and is used to cleanse the heart, mind and body as well as attract good spirits. Sweetgrass smolders when burned and works well at the end of a meditation to help keep your heart open and bring about peace and healing.

To work with sweetgrass light the end of the braid with a match or lighter. Wave the smoke over your heart, head, body and then back to your heart. Alternatively you can place it in a shell or other natural container and allow it to slowly burn out on its own enjoying the pleasant smell.

*Please note that when you are working with these plants it is very important to make sure you have good sources. Plants that are commercially grown do not have the same energetic qualities as plants that are grown at your home or in the wild. Many retailers do not ethically source their plants and you don’t want to be part of that energy chain. I feel sad that I even have to write this but it’s something I feel very strongly about. These plants are are powerful healing tools that need to be treated with gratitude, love, and respect.

Do you have a morning smudging ritual? What is your favorite plant to clear energy?



Photos by Asami Zenri


Inspired Living // Erica Chidi Cohen

Inspired Living with Erica Chidi Cohen by Ashley Neese

Hello dears! I am over the moon to post our next Inspiring Women interview today with my dear friend Erica Chidi Cohen. When I came across Erica’s Instagram feed about a year and a half ago I immediately connected with her energy. It was so refreshing to find a woman creating and holding space for mamas in a way that felt really current and fresh. Pretty soon after connecting on social we met for lunch in Venice and have become close friends. I am very grateful to share some of her life with all of you today.

Erica is founder of The Mama Circle, a modern parenting resource that guides women on their journeys to becoming mothers. She is a doula, wife, soon to be author, and creator of Mama Mornings, beautifully curated free gatherings for new mamas to come out and connect with each other. I’ve had the honor of collaborating with Erica on personal and work projects and the way she holds space for all women is deeply moving.

Erica is a grounded force in our L.A. wellness community and I have so much respect for the way she shows up as a wife, friend, entrepreneur, and intuitive leader. Today Erica shares about the importance of vulnerability, the power of women supporting women, and how she creates heart centered community.

Inspired Living with Erica Chidi Cohen by Ashley Neese

What are your self-care musts?
Long, hot baths piled with epsom salts and essential oils. Slathering my limbs daily in The Good Stuff by May Lindstrom. Using Hope Gillerman’s Stress Remedy with abandon. Reiki. Myo-facial release work. Saying no, when it’s needed. Pilates. Hugs from my husband and snuggles with my cat. Singing really loud and “seat dancing” in my car in traffic. Oh and a solid nap whenever I can fit it in.

Do you have a morning or evening ritual? If so, tell us about it.
Yes, In the morning I’ll wake up and check my email and text messages (as a doula, I’m always checking in to see if someone has gone into labor) if all is quiet,  then I’ll have a cup of warm water with lemon and meditate with a mineral (typically quartz) and then journal about what came up for me. Lately I’ve been finding solace in kundalini mantras and music. It’s deeply mood-shifting and grounding. I’ll usually chant or sing as I meditate.

Inspired Living with Erica Chidi Cohen by Ashley Neese

Best advice you’ve ever taken.
I’ve been given a lot of good advice over the years, but I’ve recently started reading Brené Brown and I’ve adopted her advice to “be vulnerable.” There is so much power in reaching out to someone who scares you, has hurt your heart or has crossed a boundary and letting them know how you were affected. It doesn’t matter if they don’t resonate with or accept your feelings, the act of speaking your truth, moving out of shame and into authenticity will allow you to breathe with ease and move forward in a positive direction, unpinned by the baggage of words left unsaid.

How do you stay inspired?
Cultivating a curious spirit, surrounding myself with people who willingly share of themselves, reading and I’ll happily say it — instagram.

Name one of your biggest challenges and how you moved through it.
The death of my half-sister, about a year ago. I’m still processing it, but time, reaching out to friends, connecting with an amazing therapist and letting myself feel whatever appears (tears, anger, stillness) and trying not to judge it or restrict it has helped tremendously. Energy work (reiki) and deep bodywork has helped too.

Inspired Living with Erica Chidi Cohen by Ashley Neese

What does wellness mean to you?
Feeling a sense of ease in your body and knowing on intuitive level what your body needs and fully embracing it. Positive or negative

Sister wisdom.
We are better together. It’s an incredible time for what I would describe as The Entrepreneurial Women. It’s imperative that we lift each other up and recognize each others gifts. Occasionally there will be creative overlap, especially with women who share the same interests as you, but that’s ok — and in fact — expect it. Don’t let that sully your perspective. Healthy competition, drives creativity. There is more than enough room for all of to be present, shine and spread positivity. Whenever appropriate and possible, collaborate and connect.

Inspired Living with Erica Chidi Cohen by Ashley Neese

How do you create community?
Reaching out and acknowledging the beauty, intelligence and potential in someone you admire. And through making food for people I care about. I’ve been hosting dinner parties since I’ve been in high school and there is nothing I love more than chatting while cooking in my kitchen or over delicious meal.

What are you most grateful for?
A new day, the chance to be better, love harder and rest more in the moment.


Mineral Therapy // Citrine

Citrine by Ashley NeeseCitrine is my absolute number one crystal for manifesting. Anytime I am working towards calling in more abundance, prosperity and personal power I use citrine in my meditations and writing rituals. I prefer to use citrine points for this practice as they help draw the energy upwards and that directional pull is really supportive because it means I don’t have to do as much work. Another big bonus is this happy yellow stone doesn’t absorb negative energy, so it doesn’t need a full moon bath each month.

I picked up my first deep honey colored citrine point in Banff, Alberta winter of 2009. During the month I was living there I frequented a sweet little crystal shop. Every time I walked around their well lit counter my eyes came to the citrine. I just loved the color. Finally I bought it and kept it on a key ring for years. Each time I picked up my keys I held the citrine in my hand with its point to the sky and took a few deep breaths allowing my current desire to receive attention and support.

It wasn’t until years later that I began researching the more detailed healing benefits and facts about citrine and came to learn that my intuition was right on the money. I had been using this beautiful honey colored stone to be a guide in my life, especially around a big career change I was in the middle of making. I later discovered from crystal teachers that is one of the primary ways to use this potent crystal. It always amazes me how our bodies have all of the wisdom if we just keep listening to them and trusting them to lead the way.

Citrine is found in many parts of the world including Brazil, Burma, Spain and the U.S. It is a variety of quartz and is related to the Amythyst.True citrine has a yellow color that varies from light to dark honey. Some of them can be a little orange and light brown as well. Be very careful when purchasing citrine as much of it on the market is actually amythyst that has been treated with heat to change the color. Once minerals have gone through treatment like this their properties change on an energetic and physical level.

This yellowish quartz was named after the ‘citron’ fruit. It has been called the ‘merchant’s stone’ because it has historically been used for manifesting success around work. The beauty of working with citrine is it can help you manifest abundance in your career and it radiates energy to everyone involved. This gives a huge energetic benefit to your clients, employees, and/or bosses ;)

Citrine by Ashley Neese

Citrine is a powerful tool for strengthening your lower chakras (energy centers in the body) and supporting your imagination. Most often citrine is associated with the third chakra which is located in our solar plexus. In energetic medicine this area is our power center. If you are looking to increase your personal energy and power citrine will be very helpful. When we feel empowered our intentions become clear. From this point of view manifesting is easy, imagination thrives, and our intuitive centers open.

This cheerful stone is excellent for clearing out negative energy from the home, office or car as well as in personal relationships. Citrine encourages lightness and community building. Because citrine eliminates the negative energy without absorbing it, you have access to a constant stream of transparency that is really beneficial in all areas of life.

Citrine is the ultimate manifesting and success stone. It works to promote abundance in your business or job in many ways. Some people carry it in their pocket or wear it to work. Citrine’s energy is all about generosity and allowing that spirit of giving to flow through you.

If you have digestive issues citrine is thought to bring balance to them as well as support eating disorder recovery. From an internal organ standpoint citrine cleanses the liver and spleen. Citrine is a great stone for building up immune system reserves and boosting the metabolism.

Note that citrine will fade in the sun, best to keep inside out of direct sunlight.

There are a variety of ways to make citrine part of your life. Below are some tried and true suggestions. See what works for you and trust your intuition.

Place citrine on your solar plexus (third chakra) to……

  • Increase self respect
  • Access deeper levels of personal power
  • Raise the vibration of your creativity
  • Connect to your intuitive center (third eye)

Carry citrine to…….

  • Attract abundance
  • Promote generosity and understanding in your daily work
  • When you need assistance with intellectual tasks
  • Support you in professional endeavors
  • Maintain prosperity

Wear citrine to…..

  • Transform negative energy
  • Protect yourself from jealousy
  • Strengthen inner light
  • Attract love and happiness
  • Reduce sensitivity to criticism

Meditate with citrine to……..

  • Manifest your desires
  • Release fears and anger
  • Energize your first three chakras
  • Increase the amount of light around your aura
  • Channel your intuition
  • Activate your subconscious

Place citrine in the your home…..

  • Cleanse the energy of your space
  • Increase prosperity (place it in the wealth corner of your home, the far left corner facing the front door)
  • Encourage happiness and good fortune
  • Protect the energy of the environment


Are you ready to manifest your intentions with citrine? Let us know how you are using this high energy crystal.



I got this beautiful citrine point from my friends over at Energy Muse. They have a wonderful selection and are a very conscious local business.


40 Day Challenge: No Complaining

40 Day No Complaining Challenge by Ashley Neese

Good morning friends! I am happy to be back home in Los Angeles after an intensive women’s retreat this past weekend. I’d been getting up at 3:45 to meditate every morning and I slept until 7:30 today – it felt so good. There is nothing like that first night of rest in my own bed after a retreat. Sinking into the cozy sheets with a heart full of gratitude and a super tired body. Today I feel energized and excited about a challenge I am undertaking and I would love for you to be part of it.

Something that came through really clearly for me over the weekend was that I am ready to give up complaining. It has absolutely no place in my life anymore and I want to take that energy and put it to good use. Complaining is an insidious habit. It seems like it’s nothing in the moment, but in reality it narrows our view and keeps us from living in abundance and prosperity.

Our words carry energy. Our own sound currant is a powerful force that we can use to widen our perspective and heal ourselves, or perpetuate cycles of dis-ease and scarcity. Think about it. Every time you complain about something you are giving it your energy. What usually follows is sinking your hooks into a story that preserves an attachment to a core belief.

This can sound a bit abstract so let’s break it down with an example from my weekend.

I complained about the food on the retreat. It wasn’t my only complaint, but it taught me a great deal about myself when I took the time to really explore what was behind the words.

Was it my favorite food in the world? No. Was it how I would prepare food at home? No. Was it enough nourishment to get me through the weekend? Yes. Did I bring my supplements on retreat to take care of myself? Yes.

When I complained about the food it took my awareness out of the present moment and I started thinking about other retreats I’d been on with better food. Then I went into how I would do it differently if it was my retreat (ego). From there I slid into scarcity about how my body wasn’t getting enough vitamins and minerals and my whole story about the current way I am eating to heal x-y-and y. From there I got to the core belief that there is something wrong with my body and that I doubted its ability to heal on its own. This inevitably dulled my frequency and in that space it’s very difficult to invite in love and miracles.

I get that this might sound like an extreme example, but is it?

Think about the last time you complained about something and then spend some time unpacking it. What is the belief behind the complaint?

If it’s hard to take it that far just pay attention to how complaining makes you feel. That will give you a very clear entry point into the places in your life you need to do some work.

Going through this exercise it’s now very easy for me to see that there is a great deal of energy present each time I complain. It became clear to me over the weekend that if I want more love and prosperity in my life I need to step away from the diminishing frequency of complaining and step into the light of blessing.

Just like a complaint, a blessing carries an energy current that shifts our state. It’s been well researched that the happiest people are not the people with the most money or the least amount of hardship. The most joyful people choose to live in gratitude and are dedicated to blessing each challenge as an opportunity to grow. The more we bless the more we reprogram our core beliefs to match our true spirit which has everything to do with love and nothing to do with scarcity.

Each time we complain we strengthen our core beliefs that do not serve our highest good, we also lose access to our intuition. This is key, especially as women. If you want to enlarge your spiritual capacity and deepen your intuition you must stop complaining.

All of the great spiritual teachers I’ve admired over the years have this in common: they don’t complain about the stuff that happens in their daily lives. They understand that this depletes their inner power and has no place in true, heart centered leadership.

As I take another leap into my role as a teacher I believe with my whole heart that creating discipline around refusing to complain will make me happier, more resilient, and give me a greater capacity to be of service.

Because I’ve never been good at changing behaviors cold turkey, every time I catch myself in a complaint I am going to turn it around with a blessing. This gives me a quick way to change the energy from dull to light. On days when I’m really aware of my complain-y thoughts I will change them into blessings before the words come out of my mouth. I just got a jolt of energy writing that, I think we’re onto something major here!

I have no doubt this will be a confrontational practice. I am ready. Some days I will have to fake it until I make it and that is 100% okay with me. It is a tall order to change a habit I’ve had since I can remember. It’s going to take effort, patience, practice, and community.

I am ready.

I want to participate in the constant flow of love that is happening through us in every moment. A quick way to access that healing is to make a serious effort to bless every time I want to complain. Blessings keep us in gratitude and it’s impossible to be grateful and grumbling about life at the same time.

One last thought, engaging in other people’s complaints doesn’t help us grow. Use this challenge as a time to pay attention to what is being said around you. When people come to you with complaints shift the conversation and observe how that changes the energy. This part of the practice takes work. Do your best and be gentle with yourself during the process. The beauty of energy is that the more we change the more everyone changes around us.

Today is day one of my 40 Day Challenge: No Complaining. It takes 40 days to change a habit so I am going to start here. If this resonates with you and you feel called to join me please do!

I’ll be sharing here and over on Instagram each week about the process and I’d love to create community around this. Please share in the comments and let’s raise each other up together.

Lots of love.