The Healing + Metaphysical Benefits of Copper Water

The Benefits of Copper Water by Ashley Neese

During a trip to Oregon this past summer my dear friend James schooled me on the healing and metaphysical benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel. Like so many things in life, the timing was perfectly aligned as I had recently purchased two beautiful copper cups from my friends at Individual Medley. I am a sucker for all things shiny and when I read the cups were antibacterial I knew they were coming home with me.

Drinking from a copper vessel, Tamra jal, is an ancient Ayurvedic practice. Before we had so many fancy water filters, people used copper for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. In Sanskrit tamara translates as copper and jal water. Tamra jal balances all three doshas and is typically consumed by yogis first thing in the morning as part of their daily meditation practice. Tamra jal has a host of health benefits including boosting immunity, conducting spiritual energy, and reducing inflammation in the body.

The Benefits of Copper Water by Ashley Neese

Cooper is an essential trace mineral that sustains life. Copper often acts as an antioxidant which reduces free radical damage in the body and promotes longevity. It is well researched that copper has a sterilizing effect and effectively kills bacteria. This is great news for those of us living in cities with less than optimal municipal water. Another main function of copper is to assist the body’s absorption of iron making both minerals essential to the body.

Keeping the body healthy helps you access spirit. Copper is a conductor and has the ability to amplify your thoughts and increase your channel to the psychic realm. Copper helps ground specific frequencies and opens the root and sacral chakras. In energy medicine copper is used to align the subtle energy bodies, reduce negativity in the mind, stimulate psychic communications (especially receiving) and clear blocks in the path of spiritual development.

The Benefits of Copper Water by Ashley Neese

The Benefits of Copper Water by Ashley Neese

It is recommended to store water overnight in a copper cup or jug and drink at least one cup first thing in the morning for maximum benefit. Water needs to be in the copper vessel for at least 16 hours. Use filtered or tap water. Enjoy copper water up to three times a day, up to 3 cups total. You don’t need to over do it. I find 2 cups of copper water per day is plenty for me. Start with 1-2 cups for a few months and work your way up.

Please note that you need to keep your copper very clean. Use lemon and salt to clean your copper cups on a regular basis. If you notice any strange feelings from drinking copper water discontinue use.

The Benefits of Copper Water by Ashley Neese

Copper Water

Materials //


Method //

Fill the copper cups with water. Cover with a light cloth and let sit on the counter for 16 hours. Remove the cloth and drink at least one cup first thing in the morning.

Keep your copper clean with lemon juice and salt.


I love having my copper water as part of my morning routine. It’s a great way to support opening the heart and mind during meditation.

Have you tried copper water? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



Images by Asami Zenri


Full Moon Reflections (Gemini)

Full Moon Reflections by Ashley Neese

I walk over to the widow and lift the shade. Three young deer stop grazing and stare up at me for what feels like eternity.

Looking into their eyes I recall the medicine of this beautiful creature. The gift of gentleness and grace are the exact remedy we need to sift through one hundred years of belongings, hopeful that we don’t throw away parts of ourselves in the process.

My Mother stands in the garage and sighs, digging through boxes of memories, some hers and others from lifetimes past.

Afraid to let go,

afraid to continue on like this.

Something has to shift,

we cannot keep holding on to all of these things.

She reads letters from an old high school boyfriend as I open a box of my own, full of similar letters,

seeing the circle complete itself under this full moon.

The two of us,

standing there with boxes of our past wondering if we will still be whole when this is over.

The oldest deer signals the group is safe and they get back to grazing. Their movements remind me of my years dancing, expressing emotions through my long limbs,

their power and strength interwoven with grace and sensitivity.

My heart softens even more as I trust there is a bigger reason we are letting go under this full moon, the years of sadness we carry do not have to be for nothing

we can float through this heaviness with a gentleness in our hearts and a willingness to be kind to the wounded children that we were.

Making piles of what we are ready to let go of for good, we thank each item and cut the energetic chord to lessen the grief in our lungs and sorrow in our hearts.

Thank you sweater for keeping me warm those winters in a small Wisconsin town.

Thank you Grandparents for wanting me to have your collection of World Book Encyclopedias from 1967, I bet you wouldn’t believe we can get information 24/7 in the palm of our hands today.

Thank you seasoned frying pan for cooking up the best country fried steak the state of Georgia has ever tasted.

Thank you long lost love letter for reminding me of a time I was happy, beautiful, and full of hope.

Thank you Paddington bear for keeping me company all those nights, I am sorry I loved your eyes right off your face.

Thank you drawings from art school for giving me space to tell the truth about what happened that spring I stopped coming to class and hid in the dorms afraid to go outside.

Thank you to all of the people, places, and things that we are ready to release into the world to create a vacuum for our true desires to come forward  in this moment, on this day, under this full moon, with three young deer sent as messengers to remind us that we are already whole,

we are already made of stardust and unconditional love.

I place the last box from the garage in the dumpster and my brother locks the doors.

I spend the next hour praying for my family, and for all families everywhere:

May we continue to stay courageous, able to handle with grace all situations that come our way.

May we be willing to offer care and love to those around us even when we feel we are being tested beyond our capabilities.

May we exchange gratitude with nature and do our best to live in a way that honors all forms of life.

May we be strong enough to live our calling and hold space for others to do the same.

May we feel appreciated, loved, and adored for the beauty and honesty we offer in each moment.

May we move through life in the spirit of love and forgiveness for all beings.

May we never forget we are already whole, made up of stardust and unconditional love.



image via Marielle Chua


Relationship Realness // Setting Boundaries

Relationship Realness // Setting Boundaries by Ashley Neese

It’s cool this morning up here in Ventura and I am grateful to have the morning to myself. I’ve been pretty absent from blogging the last few weeks as I am going through several huge transitions. I haven’t really known how to share about them here. I’ve also been so committed to writing for other websites that by the time I sit down to post on the blog I have no energy for it.

As some of you know at the beginning of this year I turned down my first book deal. It was a decision I have zero regrets about because in my heart it wasn’t the book I wanted to write. Once I let that go some amazing writing opportunities came my way and I jumped at the chance to widen my audience and share my passion for holistic living. Being hired to write informational wellness articles has been such a great experience and I am truly grateful for it. As the year starts to wind down and I narrow in on what direction I want to focus on during 2016, it’s clear I need to let go of spending so much energy writing for other websites and get back to pouring my heart into this blog. While a tiny part of me is afraid to let go of these opportunities, I recognize that on a deeper level I am committing to the writing practice that lights me up and that feels right.


When this year began the word I chose to embody was EASE. In some ways it feels like some kind of cosmic joke because 2015 was one of the most challenging and painful years I have had in a long time. It was also one of the most transformative years. I have cleared lifetimes of karma and healed some of the darkest wounds in my past. 2014 was all about laying the groundwork that gave me the foundation I needed to shake things up they way I have this year. While there wasn’t anything easy about this year, I have learned to lean into the hard times and stay present and kind through them which is a really big deal.

Much of my life I’ve had two operating modes when it comes to conflict in intimate relationships with my family and partners. I either soak up everyone’s energy like a boundary-less sponge or totally check out and shut down. These last couple of months I am learning (yet again) that there IS a middle ground where I can set a boundary for myself and stay present with what is happening.

Jason and I hit a huge wall a couple of months ago. I was so unhappy in our relationship and I couldn’t see any future together. We were exhausted. Since getting back into couples therapy it felt like everything was crumbling faster than we could scramble to save it. We were sinking so fast and neither one of us had the energy or desire to jump in and try to save the relationship. It’s such a painful feeling to sit across from the person you love and feel how much distance has come between you and not have the will to reach out and try and save them from drowning.

What I have learned about myself in the last couple of months is that I have some more healing to do around my relationships with my parents and that it is imperative that I set boundaries to stop taking on Jason’s energy. On the one hand this is such basic relationship 101 work but on the other hand it’s coming through so clearly and painfully because it’s my last lesson. I’ve done loads inner healing on setting boundaries over the last 14 years and this huge lesson is cycling its way out of my life. It’s as if the light is right in front of me but those older energies are so strong they pull me down every chance they get.

Have you ever cycled through a big lesson in your life? For ages I thought that you just circled back through lessons until the end of time, but the truth is you can break the patterns and learn the lessons! If there are areas in your life where you keep coming back to, wow how did I end up here again?, there is something you aren’t getting. Until you uncover what the deeper teaching is you will keep repeating the cycle.

In yogic philosophy these repetitive lessons are often referred to as samskara, our patterned conditioning. It is believed that we are born with our emotional impressions or karmic inheritance, samskara, and they can be positive or negative. Each time we repeat a samskara it is reinforced. Unconsciously repeating negative samskaras slows down personal growth and development. The more awareness you cultivate, the easier it is to recognize the patterns and change them.

This philosophy really resonates with me. I believe that we are born into the world with certain energies and patterns. Part of our journey is to shift them so that we can be examples of light and joy to the people in our lives. As a teacher and healer I know I have to continue to do the work of releasing patterns that no longer serve me and set an example to others. In order to carry a potent message forward you have to heal yourself first.


Setting boundaries is about taking care of yourself and standing in your power. If you’re an empath like I am chances are you have taken on other people’s energy and had times in your life where you confused the absence boundaries with love. When you can’t tell the difference between your partner’s sadness and your sadness you are not fully living your own life.

While I knew what were my emotions and what were Jason’s, I still subconsciously took on his energy. He has a few behaviors that are exactly like my Dad’s (big surprise right?!). Without being specific about it to be respectful of Jason’s privacy, the basic picture is that when Jason behaves in a certain way I go right back to being a child feeling like I have to change in order to make him (aka my Dad) happy. In those moments I am totally boundary-less and once my mind is attached to past experiences, it’s impossible to navigate the present moment. Interestingly, once I am in that past state Jason gets triggered and we end up in this loop where neither one of us is present. In the cycle we act/behave/communicate from the part of our past that needs the other person to give us what we didn’t get from our parents growing up.

This is classic couples psychology. We’ve been bringing up each others messy stuff and thankfully getting super clear on how to move forward with it. I won’t speak to what Jason’s work is, but mine has been to work on my boundaries. The only way for me to grow in this practice is to stay aware in each moment no matter how uncomfortable it is. As I mentioned earlier, this is so obvious to me now because this lesson is working its way out of my life. Often times towards the end of a samskara cycle the lesson is so polarizing and vivid to make sure that we are getting it. It takes a great deal of discipline to keep my heart open through all of this work. No matter what happens with Jason and I, I am coming through these changes grounded in my power and ability to separate myself from the behaviors of those closest to me without separating myself from them as humans.


Setting boundaries isn’t about throwing up walls and creating cold and calculated distance. This practice is about learning to give yourself the space you need in each moment to stand tall and love the people in your life exactly as they are. Setting boundaries is about knowing your limits, asking for what you need and taking a moment of pause before reacting. Through the integration process of actively setting loads of boundaries in my relationship I am much happier than I have been in a long time. The path to healing is unfolding very quickly because I am not absorbing energy that isn’t mine.

Learning to set boundaries is an essential life skill that you must master if you want to travel lighter and be of service in this world. Now, more than ever we need teachers and guides that are doing this important work of clearing their samskaras to light the way for others.

Do you set boundaries in your life? What do they look like? Please share your experiences in the comments below. I love hearing from you!

Also, if you would be interested in a boundary setting meditation let me know. I am working on some new meditations and would really appreciate your input!

Lots of love.


image by Marielle Chua


Six Natural Cold & Flu Remedies


The seasons have finally shifted here in Los Angeles and I’ve noticed that people are starting to get colds. As we fully embrace fall and slowly shift into winter we need to step up our self care routine especially around down time and sleep. I’m a double air sign with a vata constitution which basically means I am triple air, and I LOVE this time of year. I also have a ton of water in my chart (not a surprise I am sure, so the emotional aspect of the end of the year is totally my thing. While the majority of my friends are missing the days of summer I am so excited to curl up with a mug of tea and a journal and write until my heart’s content.

Winter was definitely made for me but I still have to pay extra close attention to my body and make sure I don’t over schedule myself. Because I tend to have more energy this time of year and get excited about holiday gatherings, it can be easy to run myself into the ground. For years I would get crazy sick around Christmas and I finally figured out that I need to channel my energy into creative projects around the house and not burn the candle and both ends.

In addition to bringing more awareness to grounding my energy I’ve found that taking natural remedies consistently this time of year makes a huge difference in my overall health and wellness. It’s a bummer to get sick over the holidays and if you’ve got travel plans like I do you need so put in the effort to give your body some extra love. The recipes below are great great for any occasion where you want to take care of your immune system and deeply nourish yourself.

Six Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

Aromatic Winter Soup

During these cooler months our bodies need foods that are deeply nourishing and warming like soups. Towards the end of the year it can be easy to take on too much and deplete our immune system. Slowing down long enough to cook a big pot of this soup will make a difference, trust me. Simply carving out a couple of hours to chop veggies and herbs to create a nourishing meal will help soothe frayed nerves and bring you into balance. And yes, our Grandma’s were really onto something with their chicken soup!


Six Natural Cold & Flu Remedies by Ashley Neese

Elderberry Immunity Tonic

When I start to feel like I’m coming down with something this is one of my go-to tonics. It is perfect for fall and winter and does not take long to make. Elderberries are one of the most powerful antioxidant berries. They contain high levels of vitamins A and C as well as iron and phosphorus. Elderberries contain antiviral and immune boosting properties and can help reduce the duration of flu symptoms.



Six Natural Cold & Flu Remedies by Ashley Neese

Face Melter Wellness Shot

The Face Melter is amazing if you’re really trying to kick a nasty cold to the curb (or simply looking to give your immune system a quick boost!) this “shot” should do the trick. I’m not going to hide it, this shot is INTENSE but it’s a go-to remedy I’ve been using for years that works quickly.


Six Natural Cold & Flu Remedies by Ashley Neese

Ginger Detox Bath

At the very first signs you are getting sick take a couple of ginger baths. This will help you sweat which reduces symptoms and shortens the duration of a cold. If you are already sweating a ton a ginger bath isn’t necessary. They are also very warming for the body and boost the immune system.


Six Natural Cold & Flu Remedies by Ashley Neese

Honey Thyme Cough Syrup

At times, the changing seasons can bring about the nastiest of colds. Try this homemade honey thyme cough syrup the next time you’re feeling that funny throat feeling come on. Thyme and raw honey are two potent medicines that have been used for ages to heal colds and coughs.


Six Natural Cold & Flu Remedies by Ashley Neese

Neti Pot

While most of us think about using a neti pot in the spring for allergies they are wonderful in the winter as well! Spending a lot of time in heated homes dries out our delicate nasal passages. In super dry climates a neti pot can be a real nose saver. I love to use the Nasaya oil afterwards to keep my nose soft and breathing clear.


Have you tried any of these? Leave a comment and let me know, I always love hearing from you!



Mineral Therapy // Apophyllite

Mineral Therapy // Apophyllite by Ashley Neese

This gorgeous apophyllite cluster with hints of green came into my life over two years ago during the middle of a Reiki training. The woman that sold it to me said it was amazing for harnessing fairy energy but to be honest that’s never been my thing. Immediately I knew this crystal would assist me in developing my intuition so I took it home and have been working with it ever since.

Apophyllite makes a regular appearance at my women’s circles because it keeps the energy of the space clear while at the same time filling it with the vibration of peace. Usually the energy has a thread of anxiety at the beginning of the circle, especially when I hold them on weeknights. Some women drive an hour in traffic to make it so I take my time choosing minerals to effectively assist them.

While I am a big believer of spending lots of time getting to know my minerals and working with their energies before bringing them into a group setting, I also bring some new ones at times because I feel called. Working with crystals is a very creative and non-linear process. The most important aspects are to trust your inner wisdom and make sure your minerals are clear and charged for the occasion.


The name apophyllite refers to a specific group of phyllosilicates, a class of minerals. The name apophyllite is derived from the Greek ἀπόΦυλλίςο apophylliso, meaning “it flakes off”, a reference to this class’s tendency to flake apart when heated, due to water loss. These minerals are typically found as secondary minerals in vesicles in basalt or other volcanic rocks.

Though relatively unfamiliar to the general public, apophyllites are fairly prevalent around the world, with specimens coming from some of the world’s most well-known mineral localities. These localities include: Jalgaon, India; the Harz Mountains of Germany, Mont Saint-Hilaire in Canada, and Kongsberg, Norway, with other locations in Scotland, Ireland, Brazil, Japan, and throughout the United States. [Wikipedia]

Apophyllite has high water content which makes it great for conducting energy. Apophyllite forms cubic or pyramidal crystals that are transparent or opaque. The colors range from white, green, violet, yellow to brown. Apophyllite can also be found in colorless forms.

apophyllite, healing crystals, mineral therapy, self care, intuition, enery work, energy healing, reiki, breathwork, spiritual development, women's circles

Apophyllite is a mineral that is often used in energy healing and meditation. The points on each of its tiny pyramids (in a cluster) help increase and direct energy. If you’re looking to establish connection with higher realms and spirits this is your mineral. Apophyllite activates the the sixth and seventh chakras, opening them to insights and visions, making them more sensitive to spiritual energies.

As many of you know I am working on deepening my intuition and developing my clairvoyant channels. Each time I set out to practice apophyllite is close by. This mineral enhances the learning process while helping me stay focused and organized. As a highly creative person with loads of ideas and inspirations, I need extra support staying grounded and keeping my practices in line.

Apophyllite helps to correct energy imbalances and intensify the energy of spaces. It’s a great mineral to take to classes when working with groups because it amplifies healing work. Apophyllite is often referred to as The Reiki Stone because it has the ability to break through negative thought patterns which are directly related to a person’s ability to heal. Apophyllite also carries a very grounding energy which helps anyone that uses it to relax deeply.

On a healing level this powerful mineral brings harmony to the soul. If you have a hard time making decisions and/or working with past life healing work with apophyllite daily. Apophyllite aligns with the energy of Gemini and Pisces.


I suggest working with an apophyllite cluster and small pyramid to really get to know their energies. It’s good to become familiar with both as you will want different pieces depending on what you are focusing on.


Meditate with Apophyllite to…..

  • Release mental blocks and limiting thoughts
  • Gain clarity and insight
  • Reflect on your habits and recognize where you need to change


Place a small apophyllite pyramid on your third eye to…..

  • Relieve headaches
  • Freshen up tired eyes
  • Deepen your intuitive center
  • Reduce stress and help you relax
  • Calm the mind from ruminating thoughts
  • Improve memory


Keep apophyllite in your home to…..

  • Send spiritual energy to everyone in the house
  • Keep the vibrations high and peaceful
  • Create connection between the physical and spiritual realms
  • Transmit white light


Carry apophyllite in your medicine bag to…..

  • Link your personal and spiritual power
  • Connect to your ancestors and heal your past
  • Bring suppressed emotions to the surface so that you can work through them
  • Heal your spirit


Have you worked with apophyllite before? How do you incorporate it into your life? I would love to know.



Photos by Asami Zenri